Why A Heating Pad For Older Dogs Really Does Make A Difference

why use a heating pad for older dogsOkay Humans, let’s face it; we love to be warm and snuggly sometimes. Why else do we love curling up next to you, especially in bed, and sometimes even try to push you out? Your bed’s warm, and comfy, which is nice for us to share with you.. sort of, until we decide that we “need” more room to stretch out. Humans might ask, why use a heating pad for older dogs?

How many Paws do I have to count on? If you’re so willing to go on out and get a nice comfy heated bed for us, we’ll gladly let you reclaim your bed. Otherwise you might just have to get used to some extra company when it gets chilly out. Seriously though, heated beds are amazing; they keep us cozy at night which will usually keep us, and in return you, sleeping a bit later in the mornings. So let’s get down to Dog business, and we’ll tell you why you should spoil us with this super amazing bed.

Remember, you also want to choose the best rated dog bed for your best friend:)

What’s So Special About a Heated Pet Bed or Senior Dogs

If you’re wondering exactly what’s so special about a heated Dog bed, and why you use a heating pad for older dogs I’ll fill you in real quick. It’s a really fluffy and super warm bed with these metal coils inside that warm up, and gets the bed so cozy. It’s like those blankets you humans get; but it’s in an entire bed, just for us. While Mick might be too busy running about, and looking for trouble, I would be more than happy to just relax, be warm, and let my body rest after a long day.

Because not only do heating pads for dogs with arthritis help with just being cozy and warm, it also helps soothe those sore muscles and arthritic joints; great for older Dogs… like me. How can it get better than helping with comfort and relaxation? Oh, I know; they come in so many sizes, shapes, styles, and of course colors!

The many benefits of a pet bed warmer for older dogs:

  • Older dogs love the comfort of heat against their bodies
  • Soothes sore arthritic joints
  • Insulates against cold coming through the ground surface
  • Great for keeping dogs who live outside warm in the colder months
  • Comforting for dogs in rehabilitation or after surgery
  • Portable to use when traveling, or going to dog shows
  • Use in any dog bed
  • Create a cosy warm kennel
  • Increase blood flow
  • Comforting for puppies and new dogs coming into your home

There are Not Only Warming Pads: There Are Whole Heated Beds Wink, Nudge

Hey, Mick here. That’s me snuggled in with My favorite Human, Claire. So I bet Kassa’s mentioned how warm those warming pads get… but what about those styles, and how they have ones that can be used outdoors?

I know maybe we are introducing a new concept in talking about why using a heating pad for older dogs is awesome. Here’s an even more novel one. They’ve even got ones that are… well whole beds which are heated.

Or, how about those ones with hoods, or the funny looking ones that make you feel like you’re in an oven? Maybe we’re too big for something like that, but for a little dog like me, they’d look so cute in it!

I wonder if Kassa and I can find a way to get our Humans to buy us a couple of those. Running around all day can be tiresome, and what’s a better way to relax than being all snuggled up in a fuzzy warm bed? heating pads for dogs arthritis

And for the Dogs who love to be outside, whether playing or… taking care of business, heating pads for dogs with arthritis outside can be great too, as long as you make sure to keep it out of the rain for us, and hopefully any snow too. I’m sure Humans don’t like to sleep in a damp bed, especially a cold and wet one; so of course we don’t like it either, so it’d be great if you also considered that for us.

Humans, Remember This! We Love Bigger Rather Than Smaller Too!!

By now you’re probably thinking how big of a bed we need, or “deserve”. Well, size matters, especially when it comes to beds. If you go and get us a medium or even a…. small bed, we’re probably not gonna feel too comfy in it. Kassa has 10 standout tips on how to choose the right dog bed that won’t disappoint!

After all, you wouldn’t get yourself a small bed you have to squeeze into, so why should we have one? We are pretty much just four-legged furry babies for you, and love being babied. They have these really large beds too, which gives us so much room to stretch out, and even for a couple toys if we choose to bring one along. If you are choosing the best heating pads for dogs arthritis, make sure you choose a pad which is plenty large enough to spread ourselves.

Here’s a tip for you, microwavable pet bed warmers. Yes, these clever inventions are just the ticket if you need a short term solution after surgery to comfort your dog, or to ward off the chill of an evening or early morning.

K9 Stylist Tip: Buy For Us As If You Are Buying For You

Before you run out the door, or jump on your computer to buy us one or two, just remember one thing; buy for us as if you’re buying for you. In other words, since we’re here to love and protect you, make sure to show us some extra love when you choose which one to buy.

Don’t go and get this tiny bed for a Big Dog, and I don’t think a puppy would need something as large as Kassa and I need.

Oh yeah, and not all heated beds are created equal, which means that some kinds, while they look super cute, comfy and cuddly, might not be as good. Some of  them just aren’t built as well, or the pad on the inside isn’t right which isn’t good for us, or for you when you have to buy us a new one. Heating beds can be dangerous, since they have these metal coils that run through them, and you plug them into the wall. So just make sure you don’t turn the heat up too much, or we won’t be comfy anymore.

If it gets too hot, it might even hurt younger ones, or older Dogs, like Kassa here. And those cords can be dangerous too, sometimes they just look too good not to chew, or pull out of the wall. All the good brands make sure the cords can’t be chewed, so choose carefully. Either while we’re playing in, or near the bed, or for any other reason. Here are 9 top suggestions to help your older Dog keep their confidence up and help them live life to the Max.

What About Keeping Them Clean?

Are These Warming Pads Perfect For Just About Any Dog?

These pads for canine heat therapy are perfect for just about any Dog, whether they’re big or small, young or old, or hyper or calm and content with anything. It’s almost like they’re a universal bed, made for every breed, and preference. And as it happens with older and younger Humans, younger and older Dogs can sometimes have accidents in bed. But luckily most of these beds can be washed and dried by taking the cover off, and tossing it right in the wash. Then once you’re done, you can slip it right back on, and plug it in with no worries, except if it happens again….

Replacement Covers Are Available

If you’re worried about covers for beds, lots of them have replacements, in case the original gets worn out, or they look tasty enough to nibble on. But sometimes, changing colors up without any real reason is fun too, so maybe you could keep that in mind as well?

It really can help to have some backups for when one’s in the wash. This way we can still hang out in bed while we wait for the other cover to be washed and dried for us.. This may seem like a lot to think about for something that looks and seems so simple, but we all know that the most simple looking things can be really complicated. You can get replacement covers for every size from the outdoor heating pad for the dog house to those microwavable pet bed warmers.

Oh and by the way, you know how much we love snuggling with our humans on the sofa or on the bed….We love extra hugs and cuddles even more as we age and we older dogs with arthritis can struggle climbing up onto higher places, or even to join you on the couch. The best human invention we just love are a good set of dog stairs which can make our life much easier. Much easier on our sore joints!

Kassa Says They Are Not Expensive To Run

heating pad for pets outdoorWell it looks like Mick forgot to mention that it’s really not expensive at all to run a heated Dog bed, and many are meant to be run all day every day. Just as long as you remember to turn them off like you do with other stuff when we go on vacation. With new technology, these things can get super warm without using too much power, which is great if you have more than one or two dogs. So you don’t need to worry about those heating pads for dogs with arthritis. They won’t cost you a bundle to run.

So have we convinced you yet to buy a nice little.. or maybe you need a outdoor heating pad for the dog house , heated Doggy bed for us? If so, then you really are the best Human, and your furry baby will love you forever and ever; and give you back your bed or couch.

And if you can get us outside dogs one as well, it’d be so cool, while being warm. Dogs like me who like to just hang out and watch Humans or whatever is in sight love to be really comfy, and Dogs like Mick can use them to relax their muscles after all the trouble they get into. So, I hope I have answered all your questions about the many benefits of a pet bed warmer for older dogs…. It’s really a win for everyone, though we kind of get spoiled a little more, but us furry babies deserve so much spoiling, don’t we?


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