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The 5 Best Rated Large Dog Beds For Your Fur Baby

Humans! Choosing the most comfortable bed for big dogs for comfort, style and durability is easy. Mick says a Thick Pillowy Soft foam mattress, Snuggly Covers which can be machine washed, bolsters to prop our heads on to watch the world go by and long luxurious length to stretch out on make the best rated large dog beds for us furry friends

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How To Choose The Right Dog Bed: 10 Tips To Select The Best Bed

We spend a lot of our time snoozing the day away…. Mick & Kassa share their 10 insider tips every Human needs to know on How To CHOOSE The RIGHT Dog Bed for your furry friend. Yes, size is a big factor, as is durability, skid factor, toxic finishes and materials. Select the best bed for us and we’ll love you even more unconditionally!

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Why A Heating Pad For Older Dogs Really Does Make A Difference

These are few reasons Why You Use A Heating Pad For Older Dogs. Help arthritic pain, keep my bed cosy, keep my Dog House warm, protection from cold surfaces and a whole lot more. Just like Humans love a warm comfy bed, so do we Dogs of all sizes. Go on, a heated pet bed for senior dogs is a must have!

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